Fractured Tooth Treatment in Moscow

Fractured Tooth Treatment

You may crack your tooth from a dental injury, biting hard food,
normal wear and tear, or dental habits such as teeth grinding. A crack
may be noticeable or hidden. It’s best to visit your dentist if you
suspect that your tooth has a crack. A fractured tooth requires an
emergency appointment. Here are some symptoms that you may experience
when your tooth sustains a crack.

Symptoms of a fractured tooth

Some fractures don’t produce symptoms, which is why it is advisable
to see your dentist for regular checkups. The most common symptoms

  • Pain when chewing or biting

  • Sensitivity to heat, cold, or sweetness

  • Pain that comes and goes

  • Swelling of the gum around the affected tooth

Treatment for a fractured tooth


Bonding is a procedure that uses a tooth-colored filling material to
fill in gaps, chips, or fractures in a tooth.

Dental Crown

A crown fits over the crack and prevents it from spreading. This is a
good treatment option for fractures that have only affected the upper
part of the tooth.

Root Canal

A root canal procedure can save a tooth that has a cracked pulp. The
procedure will remove the damaged pulp tissues and save the rest of the

Tooth Extraction

Fractures that have reached below the gum line can’t be treated. In
this case, tooth extraction is necessary.

Types of Fractures

Craze Lines – These are very small cracks
that can be left untreated if there is no pain.

Fractured Cusp – This usually occurs on a
dental filling. A crown may be used for treatment.

Cracks that extend into the gum line – In
this case, the tooth is extracted.

Split Tooth – As the name suggests, this is
a crack that splits the tooth into two. Sometimes a portion of the tooth
is saved.

Vertical Root Fracture – The crack begins
below the gum line and travels upwards. It is mostly noticed much later
and calls for tooth extraction.

If you suspect that you have a fractured tooth or your dentist
confirmed one, get help immediately. Treatment depends on the type of
crack. Early treatment will help save your tooth. Call us for a