Emergency Tooth Extraction in Moscow

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Your dentist will recommend an emergency tooth extraction in these

Unexplained severe toothache

Most of the time, unexplained toothache comes from a failed procedure
or failure to complete a procedure. For example, if you delay a
restoration procedure after dental work, it can result in severe pain
that can’t be managed by a painkiller.

Dental trauma

Any accident that causes severe trauma to the mouth can result in
teeth fractures and breakages. Sometimes your tooth can become loose as
a result of a blow or fall. If the damage is severe, emergency tooth
extraction may be a good option.

Painful bleeding gums

If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, it may be a sign of
periodontal disease. Sometimes the affected teeth have been severely
damaged, in which case they need to be extracted.

Root canal failure

Root canal procedures rarely fail but when they do, the situation may
be complicated. If your dentist does not think that a root canal
retreatment is feasible for your case, they’ll recommend an

Damaged restoration

If you had a dental filling but over time it has become damaged, you
are bound to experience pain and a metal taste in the mouth. By the time
you notice that the restoration has failed, your tooth might have
already been exposed to infection, in which case it needs to be
extracted and replaced with a dental implant.

Dental abscess

A dental abscess refers to the formation of pus on the gums or the
apex of the tooth. If you notice that your tooth leaks pus, reach out
for an emergency evaluation. A dental abscess may or may not be painful
but is extremely dangerous as the infection can spread to other parts of
your body.

These are some of the situations that call for emergency tooth

You definitely want to save your natural teeth for as long as
possible. However, do not delay an emergency tooth extraction procedure.
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