Emergency Tooth Extraction in Moscow

Emergency Tooth Extraction

We like to preserve our natural teeth for as long as we live but
sometimes emergencies happen and compel us to consider extractions. An
emergency tooth extraction procedure may be simple or advanced depending
on the cause of the extraction. For example, if you are extracting a
tooth that is stuck under the gum line, the procedure may be considered

Some common reasons why your tooth may require emergency extraction


You may suffer dental trauma as a result of:

  • Sports injuries

  • Car, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents

  • Biting or chewing hard foods

  • Falls or other accidents


Infections are usually characterized by:

  • A severe throbbing tooth pain

  • Pain on the jaw, cheek, head, or neck

  • Fever

  • Swelling

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity

  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing

Once your dentist confirms that your tooth is badly damaged by the
infection, they’ll recommend an extraction.

Types of emergency tooth extraction procedures

The type of procedure you receive depends on your circumstances.
There are 2 types as follows:

Simple extraction procedures – These are
procedures done when the affected tooth is above the gum line and can be
removed by forceps. These procedures are common for extracting front
teeth which have a single root as opposed to molars that have multiple

Surgical extraction procedures – These are
procedures performed when part of the gum or bone tissues have to be
removed in order to access parts of the affected tooth. Surgical
extractions are common in impacted wisdom teeth extractions.

Emergency tooth extraction procedure

Depending on whether your extraction is simple or surgical, your
dentist will use conscious sedation or local anesthesia

For simple extractions, your dentist will use dental tools to apply
pressure and widen the gums to loosen the tooth. Your dentist will then
use forceps to pull the tooth out.

For surgical extractions, your dentist will make a cut on your gums
and may even section the tooth into pieces to ease the removal.

Recovery after a tooth extraction is simple. Your dentist will
prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to help you cope with mild pain and
swelling over the first few days.

Is dental phobia stopping you from seeking dental care? We are your
partners in dental care to help you resolve dental emergencies. If you
suspect that your tooth requires an emergency extraction, call us for a